Customs Broker

As a customs broker, W.F.INTEGRAL PVT LTD helps importers and exporters process declarations through customs and associated border agencies. We prepare required documentation, calculate duties and other taxes on behalf of the importer, arrange for inspections required by governmental agencies, and arrange for delivery.

Additional customs brokerage services:

  • Exception Management – Vendor referrals: Manage vendor documentation and information discrepancies, identify bottlenecks, and reduce costs and expensive delays
  • Declaration document visibility on line for all countries where we offer customs brokerage service
  • Consistent timing and events to provide visibility to the process
  • Declaration data in 25+ countries
  • Frontier Release Management: Simplify European customs procedures
  • Customer sourcing profiles: Get confidential sourcing profile reports for U.S. customs brokerage customers
  • exp.o® ISF audit report: Get assistance for meeting obligations for U.S. Customs Importer Security Filing (ISF).
  • Programmable business and compliance rules through ESAudit and other programs: Customize your compliance requirements.